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Bachelor's/Master's theses


Supervision of a bachelor's or master's thesis is possible within the range of the research profile of the professorship. Thesis topics are assigned shortly before the planned start of the thesis and are closely linked to current research activities.


In the past, theses have examined the following topics, for example:


- Longevity and socioeconomic status across the world

- Distributional effects of a sugar tax

- Association between socioeconomic status and mortality: cause or correlation? 

- The association between income and life expectancy in Germany

- Tax evasion and inequality

- Taxation and equality of opportunity

- Importance of protection against dismissal for occupational safety

- Importance of economic conditions on the extent of ethnic discrimination

- Discrimination on the basis of fertility / children


General guidelines and templates for writing a thesis are available here. The professorship also provides additional instructions that can be found here.